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Let what you LOVE lead the way!

So many people find themselves in life searching for their niche or purpose. They feel lost or perhaps at a place where they want someone to tell them what they were born to do.

Others simply follow what others have done only to imitate or duplicate the passion of another in hopes that they will find the same bliss or happiness for their lives.

If you feel at a cross road yourself, simply ask yourself "if I was 9 what would I want to do". The things we did as children will always hold a clue to what it is to find our own bliss.

What things did you do in your childhood just because you loved to? These childhood happy moments stay within us for all of our lives- they remain in our heart and will need to be ignited again as we grow up.

The happiest people in life have found a way to tap into these memories of freedom, playfulness and out right FUN! and have brought them into their adult life, and for the few of us who have found ways to make these joys what we do in our careers.

Living a life lead by your head only will not bring these happy places in your heart to life- we all must tap into that laughter that flowed freely from simple happy moments.

Wanting to follow in anther's footsteps is also not going to find that happy place, so it is up to each of us to honor that "child within" and find those early loves to let them again have a place to express. These early joyful expressions and experiences will stay in our DNA as long as we live- so dare yourself to be like a kid - and allow what you love to be birthed and re-birthed once again- your heart will thank you! and so will all the people in your life!

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