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N Y X Cosmetics

Mrs. Bella's Dolls were hired for the worldwide launch of NYX cosmetics to promote and create custom branded costumes and branded hats and branded candy girl trays.  Bella worked one on one with NYX execs to match products look and brand.  Bella's Dolls traveled throughout Southern California promoting, posing and having a ball with NYX customers and of course Jiff Pom our little Mrs. Bella's Dog!

Bella's Dolls for NYX cosmetics
custom branded trays
Bella's Dolls with Jiff Pom
Jiff Pon and candy girls
World launch of NYX
models with Jiff Pom
strolling branded champagne skirt
custom costume champagne skirt
candy girl trays with logo
product branding
candy girl strolling skirt
rolling caged skirt
candy girls with branded costumes
Jiff Pom candy dog
Bella's Dolls for NYX
Candy Girl promotes NYX
Jiff Pom Bella's Dog
brand ambassador models
promotional models
branding costumes
NYX candy girls
Pink carpet with candy girls
back stage with Bella's Dolls
step and repeat candy girls
Branding costumes for NYX
Bella's Dolls with Jiff
Miss J and Jiff
Professional models for NYX
candy girls with Santa
candy girls promote products
Kick line girls
cigar girls for NYX
NYX world wide launch
NYX product branding
Mii Angel Pie for NYX
Product branding cosmetics
promotional models for NYX
Bella's Dolls for NYX cosmetics
candy girls posing for NYX
Miss D for NYX branding
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