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What it takes to become a Bella's Doll

What an amazing opportunity to be hired to do what you love. That's what all the great teachers teach us (to truly find success, do what you love and the rest will follow)-

With the Mrs. Bella's Dolls brand, I personally created a job in which I wanted to work myself. I wanted to create an opportunity to use a little bit of niche acting skills, all my years of dance/modeling lessons, also some of my more goofy side of comedic animation, and take these elements that were "naturally me" and add to that-- some super glamorous costumes (the kind that most girls dream of wearing), style my hair in a way that looked like those iconic classic movie stars from the old black & white movies--and yet somehow "entertain" people and bring them an experience as if they stepped back in time.

As I grew more and more into the Miss Bella role, I realized how amazing it was to engage with people of all ages and cultures, getting to know perfect strangers, allowing them to tell me their own personal favorite stories of Classic Hollywood, helping them remissness of the glamor girls of yesteryear. I loved portraying a Cigarette Girl and taking a moment to listen to people's reactions to me, pose for a photos, give them my best impression of Judy Holiday with a "cigars, cigarettes, tiparillo's" secretly hoping for a giggle, (and of course treat them to something fabulous from my tray).

Along the Bella's Doll journey, I began to get many more requests for Candy Girls for parties and events, and I was able to start to create a space to bring in more girls with the same passion and vision as myself. I worked hard to create unique, one of a kind costumes and partner with wood workers to hand craft quality, beautiful trays.

That was more than 17 years ago, and today Bella's Dolls is one of the most successful retro pin up girl companies in the US.

I am proud to say that Bella's Dolls was Hollywood's very 1st Candy Girl Company and if the saying is true that "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"- then we are flattered! It seems everyone wants to be a Bella's Doll! we love being the pioneers that took the initial step to bring back the classic Cigarette Girl and bring it to the forefront within the entertainment industry!

Bella's Dolls have been booked to represent some of the biggest names in Hollywood and in the fashion and beauty industry and the brand continues to grow bigger each year. How could I have known that a little spark in my heart would turn into such a huge success!?

I am so proud of our incredible team of girls and guys that have worked for us and represented our brand over the years. Many of our beauties have worked with us 12 + years and my talents are like family to me.

If you are thinking you may be a fit for the Bella's Dolls brand-

We are very specific about who we hire to represent our brand and very loyal to the girls we bring on to represent us. So first step in possibly joining our team...

We ask that you join our Social pages

so you can meet the other Dolls and keep in touch with us, get a feel for the brand and work we do. This also allows us (and me) to get you to know you.

Next, read the list of what is truly important to become a Bella's Doll...

* Integrity. You would think beautiful looks would be #1 but we actually look for models who have integrity to their character. A girl who makes choices from the heart and displays her class in all she does. We prefer to hire genuinely happy, inspired types who make integrity a priority of their character. Jayne Russell in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES who married for love is right up our alley!

*Professionalism. A savvy girl who can make the best of any situation with a Grace Kelly smile. Working as a Doll may find you in many different situations so a professional girl will need to go with the flow and always remain elegant and charming even if she is not feeling that on the inside. Our regular working Dolls know how to keep the grace in all situations. Some Clients can be more stressful, or sometimes an event does not go as planned...

Some girls have been with us 12+ years and there is a reason for that. They are the girls who handle situations, guests and Clients with grace and professionalism.

*Face and legs. Of course to be a Bella's beauty, great legs are always a crowd pleaser and giving good face Dietrich style is important too, but we believe each female has her own unique beautiful face so knowing how to enhance your natural beauty and bring the red lips and lashes to life will get you hired. Can you become your favorite bombshell with hair and make-up? We typically ask for no tattoos (or ones we can cover) or body piercings. We don't require "model skinny" however you will need to be able to wear a showgirl costume and pose next to our lean, leggy girls and look like a match.

* Taking direction & quick replies. We typically submit our jobs to our talent via email. Girls who reply quickly are more likely to book. Bella's bookings have lots of wordy details so it's very important to read each emailed job sheets well and clear. A good listener and reader is something we always notice and will book girls Your 1st "audition" is our first email conversations.

*Sweet as candy & get along with the team. We only hire girls who have a genuine sweetness in who they are. Are you as sweet as the candy in the trays? A Doris Day type of Doll that is what we look for. Not only sweet with us, the clients and guests, but to the other Bella's Dolls you are working with. Bella's Dolls pride themselves with being "like family" and that is the tone we like to keep. We love to pair our girls with "team players".

*Acting & Entertaining. We love girls who can bring something to the role- have fun with it, create a character vs. smile and look pretty holding a tray. Can you shake it like Josephine? Belt it out like Debbie? Be it on stage or in the ballrooms, our Dolls have a way with what they do that they make an entrance on every event booking.

Can you add something to your part? Can you be so memorable that the client requests you back? we make notes of which girls get the requests. And you double your bookings with us, by being a triple threat talent! or being so memorable that you make an impression.

*Other side jobs. We understand everyone needs more than one agency to get them work. We typically do not hire talents who work for other similar companies. We look for working (film) actors, working(print or fashion) models, and dancers/singers who are looking for more performing opportunities. You will be asked to sign a Non-compete form.

*Gratitude. Finally one of the most important factors to us is gratitude. We realize models, dancers and actresses want to work, and we feel like we offer a fun & great opportunity that pays great- so we hope whoever we hire never forget to say "thank you". When you express gratitude- you will always create more abundance in your life. A true and honest happiness that beams from within will shine . We love grateful girls who are not afraid to let us know they love working with us and show it.

What's next...

*Become a Doll. So if you feel like you would like to take the next step towards your audition to become a Mrs. Bella's Doll

you can email us a recent un-retouched /non-filtered head/face shot and body shot along with a bio to

Tell us your special skills and why you would like to become a Doll.

All of our exclusive models sign both non-compete forms and will receive our guide rules sheets that will have clear instructions on how each booking works, pay rates, costume pick up and drop off, hair & make up instructions and all work submission details.

E-mail Audition


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