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Mrs. Bella's Dolls have been thrilled to represent Sephora cosmetics over the years.  Here are some highlights of live events we have been hired to brand our dolls to each event.  We loved riding down the streets of New York with actress Megan Hilty and just as fun was branding our costumes to match the ever adorable Hello Kitty!

We also partnered up with the amazing Kat Von D to promote her (awesome & vegan) cosmetic line.  Hello Flux also hired our Champagne Dolls to brand champagne glasses on our strolling champagne skirt.

Kat Von D
Kat Von D Saints Sinners
Kat Von D Saints Sinners
Kat Von D Saints Sinners
Kat Von D Saints Sinners
Kat Von D Saints Sinners
Kat Von D Saints Sinners
Sephora gift bags
Kat Von D with Bella's Dolls
Kat Von D branded tray
Branded cigar girls
Sephora branding
Sephora gift bags on trays
Pin up girl
Miss Amour
Miss Kitty
Branded champagne glasses
Strolling champagne skirt
caged strolling skirt
Strolling champagne skirt
Strolling champagne skirts
Strolling skirt for Hello Kitty
LED Strolling Champagne SKirts
Hello Kitty birthday party
Megan Hilty with candy girls
Sephora promo
New York models
Branded costumes
Models in New York
Candy girls on bikes
Mrs Bella's Dolls with Megan Hilty
Candy girls in New York
Bella's Dolls for Sephora
Bella's Dolls in New York
Dolls with Megan Hilty
Candy girls posing
Bella's Dolls with Hello Kitty
Promoting products
Dolls on bikes in NY
Costume branding
Candy girls blow kiss
More candy girls
logo branding
Miss Olga
custom costuming
Dolls and Hello Kitty
Candy Girls love Hello Kitty
Mrs. Bellas Dolls New York
New York Bella's Dolls
Sephora and Mrs Bella's Dolls
Miss Amour
Usher Candy girls
Usher candy girl
Bella's Dolls promote Sephora
Miss Amour
Usher cigarette girls
Pin up Dolls
Sephora Cosmetics & Kat Von D
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