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Mrs. Bella's Dolls have been Dolling up The Emmy's,The Spirit Awards, and Teen Choice Awards Shows for Altoids since 2009 and have had a ball promoting the product and teaching guests about all the different flavors and new products. Our girls are able to learn about your product(s) and help deliver important information and valuable information.

candy girl with Sean Kingston
candy girl with Ricky G
candy girl at Teen Choice awards
candy girl with Matthew
candy girl backstage
candy girl with Ted
candy girl in gift lounge
candy girl with branded tray
candy girl with custom costume
gift lounge models
branded candy girl tray
candy girl trays
candy girls pose for Teen Choice
candy girl with Ann H
candy girls work Oscar party
candy girl on Access Hollywood
candy girl at Emmys
Candy girl engages guests
Peoples Choice Awards
Candy girl at Spirit Awards
candy girl at Spirit Awards
Branded tray at Spirit Awards
Custom costuming for Spirit Awards
candy girl poses at Spirit Awards
backstage with candy girl
branded trays at Spirit Awards
cigarette girls at The Spirit Awards
Candy girl in magazine
candy girl with Gilles
candy girl poses at Emmy's
candy girl with Latoya
candy girl at Emmy's
candy girl with Holly R
Mrs Bella's Dolls candy girls
mrs bellas dolls at Emmy's
cigar girl and Gilles M
candy girl with Ross
candy girl at Emmy's backstage
branded costumes and candy girl tray
cigarette girls work gift lounge
Bella's Dolls
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