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AMC & Sony Pictures, NBC, & more!

Mrs. Bella's Dolls have worked for many TV, film and productions Studios. Here are a couple samples of our Client branded costuming and trays from the finale of MAD MEN and GET TV, E!, MTV, AX TV, Jimmy Kimmel, NBC Studios, Vanderpump Rules, I heart Radio and Cougar Town.

Showgirl with Kato
Mrs Bella with Kathy
Bella on Jimmy Kimmel stage
Showgirl on Jimmy Kimmel
Old Vegas Jimmy Kimmel
Vintage showgirl on Jimmy Kimmel
Bella's Dolls with Kevin Lee
Showgirls with James Cahn
Bellas Dolls for NBC
Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vaanderpump Gay Parade
Bella's Dolls NBC
Mrs Bella with Kathy G
Mrs Bella with Frankie
Mrs Bella with Jimmy
Showgirls for MTV
Bella's Showgirl Dolls
Bella's Dolls for MTV
Bella's Dolls for Mad Men
Candy Girls MAD MEN
MAD MEN finale
MAD MEN event
MAD MEN event
MAD MEN event
Sexy candy girl for MAD MEN
Miss Kitty for MAD MEN
Irby for MAD MEN
Bellas Guys & Girls
retro cigarette girls
1960s candy girls
candy girl Cougar Town
cigarette girls for AMC
candy girls for studio party
Candy girls I Heart  Radio
I Heart Radio
Cigarette Girls I Heart Radio
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