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Be Yourself! it's where your beauty lives!

The age old expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" can be held up as true for most us all, and a statement that is probably living in the depths of each of our subconscious minds, but I believe this statement can be taken even one step further. I believe that beauty within each of us is not just about waiting for another person to see in us what they can identify as "beautiful", but real honest to goodness beauty, in my opinion, begins with the discovery of one's own heart and passion- living what is real and authentic (no matter what society say's). To learn and discover who we are, is the first step for each of us -that's the beauty within. Not validated by someone or something from the outside. But to be courageous enough to be the unique, individual YOU/WE truly are while living in a media dictated "this is what is beautiful" every place we look.

Some people go a lifetime without ever really discovering who they are- they follow a beauty standard they see in magazines, or reality TV, or maybe they feel emulating another will bring that inner bliss. Maybe the idea of having to dig deep for self discovery is just too much uncharted territory.

We live in a time where we can fix whatever we feel is not "beautiful" Surgery for "bigger/smaller anything" is possible- and we see constant reinforcement that fixing the outside is what is "beautiful", but in the end I am sure this does not bring a feeling of beautiful for us.

So what is the way to the road that will bring this blissful, unlimited satisfaction of feeling beautiful? and can we dare discover who WE are and boldly live from that space? Even when the media is blaring "what's hot" and "who wore it better"- can we still be who WE are even when its not "in style" or trend? Can we stand in our truth and allow others to see our own unique light shine from within-?

When people who were on their death beds were asked "what they would do differently in their lives" many reported how they wished they would have "lived a more authentic life". Meaning they wished they had made choices from their own dreams, worked a job that they wanted to work, said what they wanted to say, wore the clothes they wanted to wear" and so on. A lot less living to people please, and more desire to be the real them they had buried deep. This life is meant to be ours! Happiness does not begin trying to be someone else, living another s dream, or try to live up to anther's expectations of who we think they want us to be

-Life (and beauty!) begins when we manage to discover who WE are and live each of our days honoring all that lives in each one of our hearts. It may not always be an easy road to be one's true self- but I promise the rewards will be limitless!

Here's to you being (and discovering) the magnificent YOU!! everyone else is already taken!

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