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Why we choose to give back

As we prepare for this weekend's very important fund raiser, we want to take a moment to reflect on the importance of "giving back" and our dedication as a Talent Agency that truly cares about our community and as performers who realize the gifts we have been blessed with. We hope we inspire you to think of your own unique ways to "give back".

As the owner of both Tribute Productions Talent and Mrs. Bella's Dolls, I do get many requests to donate our talents. Since 1983 I have been dedicated to charity foundations that support the wellness of children, animal welfare, and in music and dance therapy for the elderly. I advocate it for myself as well as my performing family (husband and daughter).

We will be at THE GATSBY GALA this weekend to raise funds for THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB raising funds to keep THE ARTS available for these beautiful young minds.

I know how ART changed my life and am excited to have our entertainment at this important event.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness…

Back in 1983 when I began my professional "performing" career I was faced with decisions on which direction I wanted to go with my performing career. In those early days I discovered quickly that my "act" was something that I could offer to others that somehow lifted, or brought to many, an experience that could bring happiness. Once I discovered this experience, I decided to sit and write (there was no email or Internet in those days) every charity foundation that involved children or animals. This decision still stands today and now that I am an agent and not always working as a performer, I still find ways to "give back".

From LIGHT THE NIGHT LLS, to ANIMAL RESCUE foundations, RETIREMENT HOMES and working with the elderly, to raising funds to support the Arts for BOYS AND GIRLS Clubs- my commitment to give back has always been and will always be a priority for me.

The ability to receive lessons like this is priceless and available to all of us. Selfless service will change anyone’s life for certain. The best way to get over any personal problem for yourself is to give unconditionally to someone else.

Working as a performer, my world opened to me BECAUSE of this understanding. My very first request as a Madonna look-alike was to dance for sick and homeless children, and I will never forget the impact of how a simple visit and performance brought such joy to hundreds of young children. A simple request from Mom asking me if I could come to a Christmas charity event and “dance like that girl that people say you look like” broadened my understanding as a look-alike. It was a challenge to understand this at first, as I thought “I am not the real celebrity - what can I possibly do to cheer up anybody?” After this event and my first visit to CHOC (Children’s Hospital of California), I quickly learned that most of the children wanted to meet Madonna, and for some children it was a “last request” before they went into life-threatening surgeries. None of the children understood that I was “only a look-alike,” and the thrill of a “celebrity” coming to visit them in their Hospital room was a highlight for many. As a look-alike, early experiences like these brought my awareness to a new level. What could be more rewarding to experience in this life than knowing that a moment of time could mean making a loving difference by bringing the experience of “celebrity” to someone who may never get the opportunity to meet a star? By giving a personal visit, song, or dance, or merely signing an autograph, you can make a lasting impression on someone’s life. Thousands of children’s hospitals, retirement homes, and endless charities that need entertainment will give you an opportunity to make a small difference. Find a cause that you feel passionate about, and submit your promotional materials to their entertainment department or coordinator. Charities and nonprofit organizations can be easily found on the Internet or in your local Yellow Pages. There are some charities that offer pay for entertainment,but after you have experienced selfless giving, money, fame, or celebrity pales in comparison to the joy you will feel in your heart in experiencing this kind of connection with people of all ages and conditions.

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